About St. Patrick Priory

St. Patrick Priory at a Glance

8 Friars

Since becoming a Priory, St. Patrick Priory has always been home for  six to nine friars.

Here since 1885

Bishop John Ambrose Waterson invited the Dominicans to establish a community of friars in 1885.

120 Years and Counting

The Dominican Friars have been serving Columbus for over 120 years.

Priory since 2017

St. Patrick Priory was officially established in 2017 with Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P., as the first prior.

“The life of the Order of Preachers comprises a synthesis of…elements, inseparably interconnected, harmoniously balanced, and mutually enriching. It is an apostolic life in the full sense of the word, from which preaching and teaching ought to issue from an abundance of contemplation.”

From The Fundamental Constitution of the Order of Preachers

Schedule (Horarium)

7:30 am Meditation

8:00 am Office of Readings & Morning Prayer

11:45 am Community Mass – Parish Church

5:00 pm Vespers
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5:30 pm Dinner/Dishes                       

6:00 pm Compline (Night Prayer)

7:00 pm Community Recreation

Superiors of the Dominican Friars at
St. Patrick, Columbus

Fr. P. Clement Coll O.P. 1885-1887

Fr. H. Francis Lilly O.P. 1887-1890

Fr. H. Joseph McManus O.P. 1890-1893

Fr. J. Philip Vallely O.P. 1893-1896

Fr. F. Augustine Gaffney O.P. 1896-1899

Fr. J. Francis Colbert O.P. 1899-1905

Fr. R. Francis Larpenteur O.P. 1905-1907

Fr. M. Leo Heagan O.P. 1907-1908

Fr. T. Sylvester McGovern O.P. 1908-1911

Fr. J. Peter Aldridge O.P. 1911-1914

Fr. T. Sylvester McGovern O.P. 1914-1917

Fr. T. Leonard Crowley O.P. 1917-1920

Fr. G. Ignatius Conlan O.P. 1920-1922

Fr. J. Benedict Hegarty O.P. 1922-1928

Fr. J. Aloysius Hinch O.P. 1928-1931

Fr. Hyacinth L. Martin O.P. 1921-1937

Fr. F. Jordan Baeszler O.P. 1937-1945

Fr. J. Justin Costello O.P. 1945-1954

Fr. B. Paschal Schaeffer O.P. 1954-1956

Fr. P. James Conaty O.P. 1957-1958

Fr. J. Thomas à Kempis McKenna O.P. 1958-1963

Fr. J. Jordan Reichart O.P. 1964-1970

Fr. J. Timothy Dittoe O.P. 1970-1976

Fr. J. Dominic Keating O.P. 1976-1981

Fr. R. Martin McCabe O.P. 1981-1984

Fr. R. Regis Heuschkel O.P. 1984-1987

Fr. Charles A. Farrell O.P. 1987-1989

Fr. Thomas V. Di Fede O.P. 1989-1992

Fr. Carleton Parker Jones O.P. 1992-1995

Fr. Kenneth A. France-Kelly O.P. 1995-1999

Fr. J. Ambrose Eckinger O.P. 1999-2005

Fr. André-Joseph LaCasse O.P. 2005-2010

Fr. Michael Dosch O.P. 2010-2017

Fr. Stephen P. Alcott O.P. 2017-2020 (First Prior)

Fr. Peter John Cameron O.P. 2020- present

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St. Patrick Priory


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280 North Grant Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215-2652

Dominican Province of Saint Joseph